For me, the street itself is a living, breathing entity: When people throw themselves into the flow of the streets, their energy shifts – sometimes visibly, sometimes subtly. The scenes I’m aiming to photograph are about unearthing this energy, often indicative of constants in the human condition that shine through regardless of the dynamics of that moment.

In pursuit of these moments, being an observer and fly on the wall doesn't suit me. I need to get in on the action, and often I end up interacting with the situation unfolding in front of me.

Sometimes, the kind of interaction I seek may take the form of actual verbal exchanges. Other times, it’s subtler – a nod, a glance. However, actual visible communication doesn't have to take place. Most of it happens invisibly – A feeling, emotion or state of mind I may become aware of in a particular moment and that I project into the world: In some cases, it might be feelings of joy, empathy, love, optimism. In other cases, feelings of discomfort, doubt, or sadness. This influences what kind of story I'm telling.

I would like for the viewer to be able to discern what kinds of thoughts or emotions were involved in the story when I pressed the shutter. Or at the very least, make up their own story about what is unfolding.

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