I'm a self-taught photographer who picked up a camera in 2009. I have been an artist and storyteller since I was little but then life got in the way. Making pictures is my way of reclaiming my artistic side.

I’m the quintessential nomad. I was born and raised in Germany, have lived in various parts of the USA and am currently based in Toronto, Canada.

That sense of wanderlust, of being uprooted, has never left me. I don’t anchor my concept of “home” to a familiar physical space – home is a state of mind I enter wherever I’m inspired to create the work I want, or when I’m surrounded by people I care about.

As a clinician, I'm trained to work with people at their most vulnerable who grant me permission to invade their privacy. As a result, I have always had an intense interest in the dynamics of trust and control when it comes to that interaction. At best, it can reveal a unique connection, a kind of truth that would otherwise not be foregrounded.

When a human being connects with another and - even if for a split second - relinquishes a certain level of control, it is fascinating that complete strangers can share an alternate truth about themselves that was hidden not only to others, but perhaps even to themselves. It is in these moments that individual emotion transcends the personal realm and gains universally understood context.

As a photographer, these are the moments I'm after. Stories of connection that reveal themselves in a single glance or over a period of years.


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